Thursday 19 July 2001

She's procrastinating again.

We spoke briefly on the phone last night and she'd like to not see each other for a while (actually just a week and a half, because we're going walking next weekend and that's SET IN STONE). She'll call me if she wants to talk, I'm not to call her. This would be alright if she needed some space to "sort her head out", but the fact remains she's had nine months, that's three quarters of a year, to try and think in a straight line and I don't think another week (in which she will be working too hard to do much other than sleep, eat and go to a Robbie Williams concert) is going to help much at all. She'll carry on as normal, be vague and unsettled next time we meet, and not have made any decisions at all.

I don't know why it's annoying me because I'm not surprised.

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