Sunday 28 December 2003

My awful wedded wife

2003 - the year of the wedding, at least, that's how I'll remember it. My year so far has been one big morass of marriages, a confusion of ceremonies, a bevy of betrothals, a parade of pairings, a...I think you get the picture.

I've received eight invitations, bought nine wedding presents, attended four ceremonies, danced at three ceilidhs and too many cheesy discos, been on two hen nights and one stag night. I've given up nine of my precious weekends (SIX in the last eight weeks) to travel around and outside the country for assorted friends' celebrations. It's been time-consuming, tiring and downright expensive and when asked I express jaded sentiments about my participation in repeated nuptial fandangos.

But my world-weary expression is just a facade to impress the naive and inexperienced, in truth each wedding has been an absolute joy. Every event has put its own spin on the particular pleasures of weddings. I've seen the four most beautiful women in the world get married to the world's most handsome men.I've seen four brides' nerves translate into relief and then beaming pleasure on that short passage from door to fiance, I've watched four pride-puffed fathers find nervous but touching words of love for their daughters in front of four happy crowds. And best of all I've basked in the luminosity of the collected happiness of scores of friends.

A quick note for any friends considering a wedding for next year, if you could all go for a simultaneous Mooney style mass wedding at somewhere convenient, say the Landmark Hotel in Marylebone that'd be much appreciated. Ta.

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