Monday 5 December 2011

Hey big brewer

I made cider.  Lots of cider.  With a few bushels from our own apple trees generously augmented by Jonesy I’ve made about 70 litres of the stuff.  Bottles now fill the wine racks in the garage.

It turns out that it’s remarkably simple, and as Jones himself said, you can’t really fuck it up.  Here’s how to make cider:

  • Pick apples

  • Mash ‘em up a bit

  • Squash ‘em a lot

  • Put some yeast in

  • Leave for a bit

  • Bottle

  • Drink

And now I have so much free and delicious booze that it is merely a question of will and desire as to when and whether I have a glass.  Time will tell how that particular equation resolves.

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