Monday 6 August 2001

Bittersweet weekend.

I couldn't have asked for a better time on Saturday night and Sunday morning. From the moment I picked her up in a torrential downpour on Saturday evening to the moment we said goodbye in the blazing sun on Sunday morning was nothing more than a procession of joy and pleasure.

The venue was fabulous, a Victorian stately home overlooking the Thames near Marlow, the food and drink were in keeping with the surroundings, the setting was stunning and the company was perfect.

She looked stunning, and despite my fears about her being a little freaked out by the whole jaunt (or kidnapping as she kept referring to it) she accepted the whole experience with good humour and poise.

And for all the much feared build-up about this weekend being the time we would talk about our relationship, and why I thought we would work as a couple and she didn't and where we were going blah, blah, blah, yick, when it came down to it all that needed to be said was that I don't give her "butterflies". If only I could.

So it was with heavy hearts we parted. I guess we'll remain friends, but time for me to move on.

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