Tuesday 19 February 2002

I need a challenge in my life. I'm fed up of the emotional lurches and swoops of the last few months and need to devote my life to something else instead. I've been inspired by reading Round Ireland with a Fridge, Playing the Moldovans at Tennis and Are You Dave Gorman? (all excellent BTW) and I need something to do along those lines.

It's got to be

  • unique

  • stupid

  • achievable with a bit of chutzpah

  • achievable within a year

  • not bank-breakingly expensive

and I've got to be able to write an award-winning book about it all at the end of the year so that I can retire.

Notably, all the books listed above start with a drunken bet - when I got drunk on Saturday night the only bet I made is that I could get a 6-pack in 6 months. The best suggestion so far has been to try and do some silly sayings or proverbs like selling sand to the Arabs. Any suggestions gratefully received at the usual e-mail address.

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