Friday 15 February 2002

I started this blogging malarkey for two reasons

  • so that I could keep distant friends updated

  • so that I could practise my creative writing and ultimately become as rich and famous as Jeffrey Archer for my riveting reads

If I'm honest, there was a third minor goal in the back of my mind,

  • so that slowly, using the power of the internet, my readership would grow and grow, until daily, millions would thrill to the trials of my life (and I could IPO and retire)

And I'm some way to achieving that third goal today. A new reader has been brought to my attention...

(ahem, embarrassed silence)'s "him", "the other man" from the tales below...

(shuffle, cough)

...I bear him no ill will, but knowing your "opposition" is rifling through your metaphorical underwear drawer is an odd feeling.

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