Thursday 15 January 2004

The Purges Continue..

The cathartic urges detailed below persisted when I returned to Linhope and extended to a thorough review of my record collection. Of the roughly four hundred 12" singles I have collected in the last five years at least fifty are now surplus to my DJing needs. There seems little point in sticking them on eBay or giving them to Oxfam (my guess is the average Oxfam visitor is not hunting for some three year old Dutch trance on an obscure record label) so I'm going to give them away to people that want them.

I've detailed the full list here. If you want any of these records drop me a mail to simon at worldofmore dot com and we'll sort something out. I don't want any money other than to cover postage, although I have Amazon or HMV wishlists if you're feeling generous.

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