Wednesday 11 February 2004

Come into my world

A photographic pan around Linhope's large, if messy, front room, taken from my regular seat. It is Sunday 8th February at approximately 10pm. Features of note in the photograph (from left):

  • The giraffe on the TV. A full time Linhope resident whose presence predates me. The innominate cuddly ungulate no longer registers on my conscious brain, but is, without fail, the second property of Linhope that new visitors pass comment on.

  • The Television. Almighty and Omniscient Purveyor of Magick and Goode. We, impotent subjects, are in Its thrall, blank canvasses onto which The Television projects whatever It wishes us to see. It is currently displaying snooker for our betterment.

  • Dinner. The empty pizza boxes below The Television represent a full weekend's worth of dining from the official Linhope caterer - GoGo Pizza (0207 402 4022).

  • The Sofa. A spectacularly uncomfortable example of a cheap sofa-bed. Lurking deep within its sprung bowels are fabulous arrays of wealth in the form of loose change and discarded beer caps, ferociously guarded by the ghosts of meals past and the spirit of indolence. The sofa cushions have been custom moulded by years of pressure into the shape of...

  • Barry. Tired wage slave. Barry ran a 10km road race at 11am this morning. On returning to the house he showered and sat down on the sofa. He has not moved since, watching over fifteen frames of snooker and two football matches in nine hours. He will not move again for another two hours.

  • Newspaper pile. Just visible below Barry is the carpet of newsprint formed by the even distribution of unwanted newspaper sections by...

  • Davis. See description for Barry, except without the 10km road race.

  • Dining table. Note how the table has been artfully fashioned into a delightful avant-garde clothes horse.

Visitors are always welcome

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