Saturday 12 February 2011

From out of the boxes

Now that we live in the country, I decided to try to sleep last night with the curtains open so that the first light of the day might wake us.  Instead, neither Islay nor I slept well, minds churning with the enormity of the job we have just taken on and every time I woke the blackness outside the window consumed my view.

A cup of tea later and things felt a little better, so we started, once my dad had turned up to help with Ula babysitting, to unpack the kitchen.

But it took ages.  Just a seemingly non-stop grind of moving boxes around, steadily unpacking them and discarding mountains of wrapping paper, putting items on the side so that Islay could find an appropriate cupboard and then breaking the boxes to lay them flat in the hall.

By the end of the day we could see most of the kitchen floor and the pile of boxes in the hallway had grown to knee height.

Today’s delightful discovery was a pungent smell of oil from the cupboard next to the Aga, I don’t think that’s normal - must get a service booked.  More positively, a couple of very friendly neighbours popped around, providing yet more wine.  I like this village life.

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