Sunday 27 February 2011

The ceiling leaks again

Between three different sets of guests and Islay’s 16 mile marathon training run we weren’t able to fit too much work in this past weekend.  Chief achievement these past days was to rip out the manky and dank smelling cupboard from the family/media room and take it to the tip.  Doing so revealed some musty smelling carpet of an entirely different pattern to the rest of the room and some strange expanses of blown plaster on the back wall - we concluded we’ll have to get a plasterer in to strip some of it back and make good the rest.

On the very positive side I finally took delivery of my new projector.  I had intended to clean, fill and paint the appropriate wall of the media room, but with blown plaster and guests I just didn’t.  I was finally allowed to fire up the new toy at 11.30 on Saturday night and despite a filthy yellow wall and masses of keystone correction, I was stunned by the quality of the picture.  TV will never be the same again.

Of course by 9am today I wasn’t feeling quite so chirpy when we discovered that Islay’s assiduous sealing of the shower tray wasn’t quite enough and water was dripping into the hall after our morning showers.  I suspect it’s because the tile grouting has gone, so perhaps more work than anticipated will be needed.

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